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In Crisis?

CALL 911

If you are experiencing a mental or physical health emergency, contact 911

Talk to a confidential therapist 24/7 through SafeUT

Call 801.587.3000

Download SafeUT app to start a private chat
(android) (apple)

Stress Bust

Mon, Apr 12- Thurs Apr 14: 20 min. mental health modules @ 11:30 and noon each day.

Fri, Apr 16: AggieFamily Feud @7PM

Learn about practical mental health skills to relieve stress all week and participate in our AggieFamily Feud game night!

Full Event Details

Campus Services

Professional therapists at CAPS offer confidential psychological assessments to identify therapy options to help you improve your mental health.

Read More About Mental wellness services offered by CAPS

Staying physically fit is just as important as staying mentally fit. Find out what resources are available at Student Health and Wellness and Campus Recreation.

Read More about Physical Wellness Services

Everyone enters relationships with different ideas and perspectives influenced by family, previous relationships, the media, and more. SAAVI can help you learn how to create healthy relationships that will support your well-being.

Read More about Relationship Help at SAAVI

When someone comes to you in distress, you have the opportunity to help and empathize. Learn what resources are available to those who need it so you can point them in the right direction.

Read the Assisting Students in Distress Guide