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Summer Telehealth and Wellness Services

COVID-19 may have changed the way our services are conducted, but we will continue to support you through the mental and physical wellness challenges you may be facing. During the summer, the following services continue to be offered virtually through telehealth (phone or video). Services might be adjusted or not available depending on the campus you attend.

Counseling and Psychological Services

CAPS supports student mental health development and self-reliance through short-term individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, referrals to outside long-term resources, and self-guided resources. Services are confidential and available for the summer at no cost to qualified students.

Telehealth Services

Individual Therapy (30 or 50 minute sessions)

Short-Term Therapy

Crisis Support (typically within 48 hours)

Initial Needs Screening (Initial Consultation)

Group Therapy

Community Referral Coordination


Psychological and Psychoeducational Assessment (e.g., Personality Disorders, ADHD, and Learning Disorders)

Couples Therapy

If you live outside of Utah, some of the services might not be available due to licensure restrictions. In such cases, CAPS will assist connecting you to resources in your area.

Contact Information

Logan Campus

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Call 435.797.1012 to schedule an appointment.

Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC)

For shorter mental health therapy or psychiatry (medications) call 435.797.1660 to schedule an appointment.

Eastern (Price) Campus

USU Eastern students can access counseling services through telehealth by contacting Karl Burnside at 435.613.5337. More information on counseling services available for Eastern students can be found at

Statewide Campuses

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Contact CAPS by completing the contact form. CAPS will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Utah Navajo Health Systems (UNHS)

UNHS provides additional services for Native American students attending the Blanding Campus. Call 435.678.0720 to schedule an appointment.

Student Health and Wellness Center

The Health Center offers short-term mental health counseling and psychiatric care in addition to physical health services and urgent care. The Wellness Center provides a proactive approach to taking care of yourself and has a registered dietician who can help improve nutrition. For a one time $45 fee, services are available for the summer to qualified students.

Wellness Telehealth Services

Short-term Individual Therapy

Psychiatry (medications)

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Prevention

Tobacco Cessation Education and Help

Nutrition Counseling

General Medical and Urgent Care

Women’s and Men’s Specific Health Care

Primary Care In-person Services for Logan Campus

Available upon provider's discretion after initial telehealth screening.

Minor Surgery


Laboratory Tests

Physical Therapy

Contact Information

Logan Campus

Student Health and Wellness Center

Call 435.797.1660 or visit to schedule an appointment.

Eastern (Price) Campus

Call Danielle Howa-Pendergrass at 435.637.0313 or visit to schedule an appointment.

Statewide Campuses

For Statewide Campuses students, contact your local healthcare provider or emergency services.

Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information Office (SAAVI)

SAAVI is a campus-based office providing safe, confidential therapy, advocacy, and information to the USU community about interpersonal violence, including; stalking, hazing, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and dating or domestic violence. SAAVI advocates are trained to help survivors navigate resources and reporting options both on and off campus. Services are free of charge to qualified students, faculty, and staff.

Telehealth Services

Confidential Advocacy Support (including services on and off campus)
Initial Consultation
Community referral coordination
Reporting to the Office of Equity and/or law enforcement

Seeking supportive measures through the Office of Equity

Confidential Therapy (only for trauma related to interpersonal violence)

In-Person Services
Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Accompaniment (off campus)

Contact Information

Available for all USU students. Contact SAAVI by phone or email to schedule an appointment or visit for more information.

Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence Behavioral Health Clinic

The Behavioral Health Clinic within the SCCE has providers from Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, and Psychiatry who offer a variety of mental health and wellness services. Many clinicians are graduate students in training. Most services are charged based on a sliding scale fee, and insurance is accepted for some services.

Telehealth Services

Individual Therapy (50 minutes)

Short-Term Therapy

Long-Term Therapy (>10)

Integrated Assessment (e.g., Autism, ADHD, and Learning Disorders)

Weekly Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Evening Hours

Psychiatry (medications)

Contact Information

Available for all USU students. Contact SCCE by phone or email to schedule an appointment or visit for more information.

Which Department Can Help Me Improve My Mental Wellness?

The following table can help guide you in contacting the department that is best fit to meet your needs and lend you the support you need.

CAPS SHWC SAAVI SCCE Behavioral Health Clinic Community Providers ER SafeUT
Individual Therapy - 30 min X X X
Individual Therapy - 50 min X X X X
Short-Term Therapy X X X X X
Long-Term Therapy (>10) limited limited X X X
Therapy For Sexual Violence Survivors X X X X X
Interpersonal Violence Advocacy Support X
Sexual Assault Forensic Exam Accompaniment X
Group Therapy X X some
Crisis Support within 48 hours X same day available 24/7
Initial Needs Assessment / Screen X X X
Community Care Coordination X X
Workshops X X
Assessment (e.g., ADHD and Learning Disorders) X X X
Weekly Individual Therapy limited X X X X
Couples Therapy X X X
Evening Hours X X X X X
After-hour Crisis Service X X
Psychiatric Medications X X depends
Eligibility / Fees Fall/Spring: >6 for undergrad; >3 for grad; Summer: >1 credits for everyone student health fee free to all students sliding scale insurance or private pay insurance or private pay free to all students
Providers psychologists, LMFT, CSW, graduate trainees MD, RN and PA for medications; graduate students for therapy LCSW psychologist and graduate trainees psychologists, LMFT, LCSW, CMHC, etc. MD, RN, etc.

Other USU Wellness Departments

Campus Recreation

From fitness at home, eSports Intramural Events, and nutrition coaching, Campus Recreation provides active, healthy remote services for all students.

SNAC Pantry

USU’s student food pantry, SNAC, has moved services to online ordering and curbside pickup available at the Logan campus for all students.

Student Affairs

If you are concerned about a fellow student, or have concerns for yourself, please reach out to a case manager in Student Affairs. Student conduct and student of concern services including the CARE Team, Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), and the Student Affairs Case Manager are available through phone, email, or video conference.